AQUA Pressure Control Kit

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PRESSURE CONTROL KIT is an automatic electronic appliance, destined to regulate functioning of the electric pumps without using booster reservoirs. This unit manages the automatic start and stop of the pump when opening or closing any tap or valve of the installation. When the pump starts, it keeps running while it exists any tap opened in the system, giving flow and pressure to the hydraulic net while ther is demand. If there is no suction air, the pump stops automatically

Pressure Control Kit allows

- Manual restore (RESET key)
- Automatic restore after 1, 6, 12 o 24 hours
   If on suction the water returns to a pressure exceeding the fixed value
   (1.5 bar) for pump start-up,PRESSUE CONTROL KIT is restored    automatically.

Technical Data

- Maximum temperature of the water: 60ÂșC
- Maximum flow rate: 10,000 l/h
- Start-up pressure: 1.5 - 2.5 bar
- Maximum use pressure: 10 bar
- Power supply voltage: 220V±10% - 50/60 Hz
- Maximum current intensity: 10A
- IP65 Protection rating
- G1 connections (pump and outlet side)

Technical Details

- AQUA PRESSURE CONTROL KIT PRESSURE CONTROL KIT is replacing   the traditional expansion tank, pressure switch, check valves, level   switch.
- Version with or without cables
- Automatic regulation
- Adjustable start-up pressure
- Incorporated non-return valve
- Plate with functioning indicator
- Connection cable on the pump terminal box (for wired version only)
- Power supply cable (1.5 m) with standard socket (for wired version   only)