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Grindex Sewage Submersible Pump - GX/A

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Pumps are designed for domestic/commercial/Industrial use
1. Wastewater with discharge from water closets
2. Sewage from Restaurants, Hotels, Camping Sites, etc
The compact design makes the pumps suitable for both temporary and permanent installation, the pumps can be installed on an auto-coupling system or stand freely on the bottom of the pit. GX/A impeller is equipped with a double-channel impeller

General description

GRINDEX-GX/A heavy duty submersible sewage grinder pumps are designed with a grinder system which grinds solids into small pieces so that they can be led away through pipes of a relatively small diameter

Operating Limits

- Submersible depth: 5 m
- Liquid temperature up to +40°C
- Ambient temperature up to +40°C

Structural Characteristics

- Insulation: class F
- Protection: IP68

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