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Drainage Submersible Pump - DV

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- Tansferring wastewater between the tanks at small-scale
   treatment facility
- Draining sewage from factory, residence, hotel, restaurant, etc
- Pumping rainwater and springwater at a place where foreign objects
   are likely to run into the water

Special features on request

- Other voltages


- Water temperature upto 40°C
- PH: 4 to 10
- Power supply: single phase 220v±10%, 50Hz; 60Hz; three phase 380v±%, 50Hz; 60Hz;
- Insulation class: F
- Cable: length 8m
- Max water depth: 10m


- Motor Body in SS 304
- Pump body in ABS
- Impeller in Technopolymer
- Shaft in SS 304

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