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Sewage Submersible Pump - DSL

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Municipal project, Industrial building, Mining, Civil engineering, Sewage treatment plants etc

Special features on request

- Other voltages


- Water temperature: up to 40°C
- PH: 65. to 8.5
- Density of liquid: 1.3g/cm3
- Power supply: single phase 220V±10%, 50Hz; three phase 380V±10%, 50Hz
- Power: 0.75Kw~45Kw, power upto 200 KW on request
- Insulation class: F
- Protection class: Ip68
- Capacity: upto 800m3/h (upto 2000 m3.hr available as option)
- Head: up to 48m
- Maximum immersion depth: 10m
- Cable: Length 8m
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