NOVAX Pressure Boosting System

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Typical Application

The base of the pump is in galvanized steel/channel and the manifolds are made of G.I/Copper/SS Each discharge and suction manifolds will be fitted with 2 numbers gate valve and one non return valve. Two pressure switches, automatic operation) and a pressure gauge are mounted on it.

- Very low voltage auxiliary circuit
- Motor switch-on and switch-off are controlled by two pressure   switches
- provision to a float switch in the suction of the tank will prevent the   pump from dry run
- A device is present that inverts the insertion order of the pumps at   every start-up
- Power supply: - 230V, 50Hz single phase - 400V, 50 Hz three phase

Functioning Principles

The discharge or however the delivery of water from the system with the pumps at a standstill, causes the pressure to drop there by enabling the two pump to start with the help of the pressure switch which is set at the minimum pressure (cut in is set by the minimum system requirement). The pump will run until the demand /requirements met (i.e. the pump will run to the max flow rate) pump. If the outlet discharge exceeds the flow rate of a pump, the pressure continues to drop until it causes the closure of the contact of the second pressure switch and the start-up of the third pump. This case the three pumps will run. When the demand is met (the water requirement is satisfied) the pressure increases and the pressure switch senses the pressure-(cut off is set by the system requirement) and sends signal to control panel to stop the pump.